Aviary Cocktail Book: Illustrations

I found many excuses to include illustrations in The Aviary Cocktail Book: the table of contents, end sheets, and marketing materials, to name a few. 

Table of Contents // Deciding how to organize the book was surprisingly difficult. Because the drinks are so complex, no single method made sense. We eventually came up with the idea to create multiple tables of contents, presenting the cocktails by mood and allowing some recipes to end up on multiple pages. To help readers make sense of these, I then illustrated every cocktail. 

Spiritual Advisor // One of the recipes in the book is a tasting flight of cocktails using ingredients made by monks. In lieu of a photo, I created a 2-page stained glass illustration of the drinks. 

Marketing Experiments // I was completely new to marketing when I started this book, so when it came time to making ads, I basically threw every dart I could find at the wall. Neither of the included animations here were particularly successful, but I still love them as pieces of art.


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