Zero: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

When Allen and I were making The Aviary Cocktail Book, we had the opportunity to learn a lot from the chefs with whom we found ourselves working. How to pair cocktails with food, using ice to add flavor to drinks rather than diluting them, and using time as an ingredient to change a cocktail’s flavor, among others. One topic that Allen, in particular, became fascinated with was the art of crafting non-alcoholic beverages. The Alinea Group spends a significant amount of effort ensuring all their guests have thoughtful, delicious, beverage options, including those who aren’t drinking. And so we decided to use these resources to make a non-alcoholic book, hoping others would find the drinks as fascinating as we have.

Allen and I spent several months creating this book together, largely in our home kitchen. Allen made and tested all recipes himself, photographing them on our daughter’s craft table, periodically bringing them into work to let the chefs critique flavors. I then compiled them into a 250-page book with a foil stamped slipcase. 

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